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    This is the official website and blog of D. Robert Grixti, speculative fiction author and indie game developer hailing from Melbourne, Australia. This site is a repository for his news and views, including instructional articles on writing, samples of upcoming works and the occasional book or game review.

    New posts usually appear a couple of times a month. However, breaks in this schedule -- depending on how badly the author is procrastinating -- are quite likely too ;)

The Horror of Blood Lake

I have an announcement to make: I still occasionally do this writer thing. In fact, after a long and torturous battle with procrastination, my new novel — Blood Lake – finally lives. I’m definitely not Stephen King, but after releasing Sun Bleached Winter it was always my intention to try my hand at a straight … Continue reading

Pretty Birds

Pretty Birds [Short Story]

Get ready, folks. This update’s a doozy. It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any of my writing on this blog, and this particular story’s not for the faint of heart. This is Pretty Birds, a semi-literary horror/crime story that I completed as a final year university creative writing assignment. It later got published … Continue reading


Cell by Stephen King [Review]

So, this review has been a long time coming. Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that if there’s two things I love the most in the realm of horror, those things are Stephen King and zombies. With that in mind, it’s actually pretty surprising that Stephen King’s 2006 novel Cell evaded my attention for … Continue reading


Modern Publishing [Reblog]

So I recently had the pleasure of reading a fantastic article about the current state of the publishing industry on C.M Saunders’ blog, the man whom you guys might remember as the author of the very first book I reviewed on this site. Now, by this point, I can say I’ve had a couple years … Continue reading


Release day for Legionwood 2!

The day everyone a small group of hardcore fans has been waiting for is here: after almost four years of development, the full version of Legionwood 2 has finally been released. As of this very moment, the game is available to purchase from the Dark Gaia Studios website in all of its indie, SNES-style Role … Continue reading


Legionwood 2 Pre-Release stuff!

Hey everyone! It’s getting pretty close to launch day for Legionwood 2 (Feb 28) and so I thought I’d pop in and treat you all to a quick update. First of all, some of you may have noticed the name change — Legionwood 2: Volume One back to Legionwood 2 again. This is good news! … Continue reading


What’s Holding You Back? [Reblog]

Every day when I check Facebook or Twitter I see heaps of people saying they’d love to be writers, but just don’t know how to start. Well, what exactly is holding you back? You don’t really need to know how to “start” writing… if you want to be a writer, it’s pretty much as simple … Continue reading


New review + random updates

Wow, what a start to the new year! In case you didn’t know, quite a lot is going on at Dark Gaia Studios at the moment. Because it’s been so chaotic, here’s a rapid-fire list of updates to bring you up to speed: Book blogger and Parajunkee reviewer Lizzy Lessard was kind enough to post … Continue reading


Legionwood 2 full release incoming!

Ah, it almost brings a tear to my eye. After almost three years of development, the first “full version” build of Legionwood 2 has entered the beta testing phase, bringing a final commercial release ever so much closer. Some of you may remember ages ago when I mentioned the possibility of Legionwood 2 becoming a … Continue reading


New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

Well, here we are at the tail end of December. It’s the time of year famous for exactly two things around here: fireworks and New Year’s Resolutions — you know, all those things you say you’ll do next year but instead end up completely forgetting about. While that’s basically true for the resolutions I made … Continue reading


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